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To be a renowned IT Solutions company in Dubai and in the Middle East, delighting consumers and businesses by relentlessly delivering the platform for quality IT and electronics connectivity services.


Atop Computer Solution LLC provides IT Solutions in Dubai for consumers and businesses. We combine a free, no-obligation assessment in clear language void of technical jargon, high quality customer service and tailor-made solutions that meet your budget.

Passion for performance: we at ATOP, place our commitment to our organization and clients first. Our drive and passion to strive hard to give our best to our work and service help us sustain for the best performance.

Innovation: we define our work to initiate new ways to deliver our best to you. We offer accountability, responsibility, and services in ways effective to shape your businesses, profitability and cost effectiveness.

Teamwork: ATOP defines TEAM, Together We Achieve More. Our team comprises of an organization which includes us and all of our clients. The more we work together, the more we achieve and further we grow.

Service excellence: we truly believe in giving our best at all possible times, to help you succeed in a ever changing business environment. We track technology trends and strategize directions for customers. Our experienced guidance will reshape client’s business models to succeed and evolve for a brighter future.

Integrity: we at ATOP value our clients and their opinions as much as we do to our organization. We always yearn to do the right things, never comprising on our ethics and integrity. We emulate all of these to make us a better, reliable and an able Company.

Customer focus: we work towards the expectations of our clients, giving them the highest quality in service and products. Our only focus and conviction is client satisfaction.

PRODUCTS: Server, Data & Application Consolidation

Server consolidation is an approach to the efficient usage of computer server resources in order to reduce the total number of servers or server locations that an organization requires. Can be justified by their workload with High Availability solutions based on Virtualization and fault tolerant infrastructure. With proven expertise in Virtualization, Clusters, SAN, Data availability/protection, IT service delivery and support.
  • Server consolidation with Virtualization and clustering on Blades, highly scalable rack servers.
  • Storage consolidation with Storage Area Networks (SAN) & Network Access Storage (NAS) technologies.
  • Network Security consolidation using a layered approach, Load Balancing & Fault Tolerant mechanisms.
  • Database and Application consolidation with virtualized computing and Client/Server architecture.
  • Data protection & Archival, Information Life-cycle Management (ILM) using software and storage solutions.



Installation of servers and data backup machines
at Wipro Head Office.